A little about Us

Hey There! We are the Tognazzini's
Toga, Keshia, Willow, Humphrey, Ruedy, Poet and Winston (Doggo) make up our tribe

Nestled in South Golden Beach 20 minutes north of Byron Bay is our little piece of paradise. Beach / River Life and slow living is where you will find us most days, in amongst the chaos that is a family of 6. 

We have been capturing peoples love stories for the last 13 years now and have captured well over 500 weddings. Love has taken us to every far flung spot of Australia as well as many international destinations.

If Keshia could capture births every day she probably would, and if Toga could be out in the surf or snow everyday capturing action sports he would.

Organic Sourdough, backyard veggie gardens, Surfing the Pass, Roadtrips in Vinnie the Van and a whole bunch of love and chaos would best describe our lives. 

  Visual storyteller's for loved-up souls

HI, we are toga and keshia

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My Philosophy

Photography and Videography has always created a sense of freedom and artistic expression for us

Raising 4 young children it is our joint experiences and emotions that we can channel that really allows us to capture these heart felt moments.

When we first began this creation journey, it was about travelling to the most far flung places and witnessing the most trendy Hello May worthy weddings.

Now a days, it is all about the emotions, family and connection that we want to express with our imagery, Whether that be a tiny elopement at our beach in South Golden, or a crazy party in Puglia, Italy.

Family, Community and Connection is our everything.

"There are few things that inspire and excite me more than photography!"

After travelling the globe snowboarding for 5 solid years, the time had come to settle down on the Gold Coast and to get on with "Real Life"
After settling into bar work and Keshia studying Physiotherapy, we booked in a family trip to Japan for some more snowboarding.
This is where my whole world shifted, and Photography became ingrained in everything I did. A Canon 550D and the culture shock that was Japan for me, showed me that there was more to life, and this Camera in my hand was how I was going to create it.
Every Shoot is completely unique and the creativity that this allows me to express is world changing.

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

With over 500 weddings captured, I would say that we are experts in everything weddings.
From Timelines, to other vendor recommendations, First Looks, Styling and everything in between, we are here for you to lean on.
On every wedding day we want to be there to capture all of the Prep images, right through until you are partying the night away and the Photos / Video gets a little too "Artistic"
With enough camera gear to support a small nation, feel confident knowing that any unforeseen circumstances will already be taken into account by us and a backup plan put in place.
Triple Backups of every single wedding image and video, with one being offsite, means that all of your images are 100% looked after, and your memories never lost.

You only do this once, let us be your expert guides, to help ensure you have the most fun, stress free journey possible so that you can simply just enjoy your day of days!

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat.

Travel is a high priority in our life and it has taken us all over the globe as a family.

In 2023 we are booked in for Italy, France and Spain, with a little drizzle of Japan late in the year. Whilst travelling with 4 crazies can be tough at times, it completely fills all of our cups.

The experience and knowledge that is gained from adventuring through new cultures is second to none. This is the same with our Photography.
Whenever I am feeling a little stale, all I need to do is go and travel for a little while to help rekindle my spark.
Keshia and I feel truly blessed that this life is real life for us and we simply wouldn't have it any different.

We can't wait to help create beautiful memories for you and your family for years to come.

Toga, Keshia, Willow, Humphrey, Ruedy, Poet and Winston xx

Disney Movies Still Make me Cry. (a one-liner, fun quirk that makes you, you)

These are so amazing! It’s so nice to see all these photos and relive it.  
Thankyou so so much!
We had the best day and loved having you guys capture it for us!

Britney + Nicholas





This is Everything!! Cannot Thank you enough for capturing our special day!

Rachel and Steve





Got it! They are amazing and we love them. I am going to spend all day pouring over them crying (happy tears) and reliving the awesome memories.

Ainslie + Michael





family, community and connection is our everything. 
capturing raw, remarkable moments is what we do

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No story is one and the same.
Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.